The 4th Trimester

Mommy Spotlight: Karen Barski of Woombie

It’s been awhile since I last shared a Mommy Spotlight, and today, I’m featuring Tyckled Tales’ latest Mommy Spotlight with Karen Barski, founder of Woombie. Woombie is the original cocoon-like swaddle, recommended by doctors, nurses, doulas and countless moms and dads. Swaddling, which we’ve mentioned, is very instrumental during the 4th trimester (click here to read more).

Some parents, who struggle with traditional swaddlers, feel it may be too tiresome to keep having to rewrapp their babies, so the innovative Woombie has a zipper to zip up your baby snugly – keeping them comfortably warm and safe.

Woombie  has 18 different swaddles for parents to choose from, and they have other juvenile products, including their most recent release of a new educational toy for toddlers, called Time IN Dolls.

In this Mommy Spotlight, Karen shares her personal journey as a mother of FIVE and as the creator behind Woombie.


P.S. Be sure to check out the Woombie blog for a guest post by me on “Planning for Pregnancy and Using Your Baby Checklist.”
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Health and Safety Baby Essentials for Your Newborn: Picking Baby Monitors

When it comes to the baby essentials category, the first group of baby products pertains to the health and safety of your baby. These include the following baby essentials.


1) Dropcam baby monitor 2) Safety 1st baby first aid kid 3) BriteLeafs thermometer

 4)  Oreck purifier 5) Mommy’s Helpers outlet plugs 6) Safety 1st cabinet locks 7) Summer Infant baby gate

One of the biggest purchases for your newborn in this category is the baby monitor, which is an essential during the 4th trimester. Today, we’ll look into picking baby monitors by covering the types of baby monitors, how to determine which is best for you and key features to look for in baby monitors.


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From The Archives: Understanding Baby Carriers – Part Two

I’m back again today, and I’m ready to share part TWO from yesterday’s post on an introduction to baby carriers for new, expecting parents.

Yesterday, we talked about what babywearing is and why carriers can be so instrumental during the early stages of parenthood (especially during the 4th trimester).

Today, we’ll go through picking a carrier, what to look for, and key parenting tips.

As I mentioned, there’s a lot of information out there, and this is just a brief summary of what I’ve learned this past year. So if this interests you, definitely spend more time researching babywearing and the right baby carrier for you!

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