Expert Spotlight: Emily Cappo of 4moms

With our focus on baby playtime essentials this week, it’s a perfect opportunity to feature our latest Expert Spotlight on 4moms, a company I’ve been personally a huge fan of since getting introduced to the team through their VC investors earlier this year.

As you all know, Tyckled Tales is focused on helping today’s modern new, expecting parents plan for parenthood, and 4moms is not only a perfect fit for today’s parents with their beautifully designed products that are infused with robotic technology… but they too, also embrace the belief that modern parents have different needs and there is a new way to do things.

I spent some time recently with Emily Cappo of 4moms to talk more about this and discuss their two baby playtime gear products: mamaRoo and Breeze. And yes, if you’re thinking that 4moms sounds familiar, they’re the brilliant minds behind the power folding stroller, Origami!

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