Mommy Spotlight: Hanna Lim of Lollacup

It’s been awhile since we last featured an expert spotlight, and I’ve been really eager to share the story around Lollacup, an innovative straw sippy cup that’s a stylish and smart alternative to the traditional sippy cup.


If you’re a first-time expecting parent, you’re probably asking: “Why is a sippy cup even needed?”

Well, when your baby approaches the five to six month mark, your pediatrician will likely tell you it’s time to have your baby start drinking water and eventually prepare to wean him from the breast or bottle. Sippy cups help transition your baby through this process, and traditional sippy cups generally come with a spout and a spill-free valve. However, these valves in sippy cups can make it difficult for babies to drink from because they don’t quite have the skills or strength to suck out the liquid they need. Mommy Expert Sena said her daughter Olivia accepted the sippy cup at five months, but it took her a good month to figure out how to use it.

An alternative is to use straw sippy cups. However, these still come with spill-free valves, still making it difficult for your little ones to sip from. It is also often the case that they realize it’s easier to drink from by tipping the bottle up, which makes it harder to get to the liquid when the straw moves around inside the cup.

Today, for our Mommy Spotlight, I feature Hanna Lim, President and Founder of Lollacup, who created Lollacup after realizing this frustration herself and wanting to create something of her own to solve the problem. She ended up with a valve-free, weighted straw sippy cup that allows infants as young as nine months old to easily and effectively drink from a straw, even if the cup is tilted.



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Health and Safety Baby Essentials for Your Newborn: Picking Baby Monitors

When it comes to the baby essentials category, the first group of baby products pertains to the health and safety of your baby. These include the following baby essentials.


1) Dropcam baby monitor 2) Safety 1st baby first aid kid 3) BriteLeafs thermometer

 4)  Oreck purifier 5) Mommy’s Helpers outlet plugs 6) Safety 1st cabinet locks 7) Summer Infant baby gate

One of the biggest purchases for your newborn in this category is the baby monitor, which is an essential during the 4th trimester. Today, we’ll look into picking baby monitors by covering the types of baby monitors, how to determine which is best for you and key features to look for in baby monitors.


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