The Tyckled Baby List

You’re here because you’re a new and expecting parent, and your priority is to find the best ways to prepare for a baby using some type of baby essentials list.

When I started looking for the best baby checklist around, it blew my mind how difficult it was to find a list that was clear enough for me to know what I needed to do next. You can actually read about my experience here, in which after spending hours searching (and wanting to pull my hair out), I realized that it did not exist. But I knew there was a better way to do this that every expecting parent could benefit from.

The Tyckled Baby List is result of that. It’s a baby check list I’ve developed after dissecting all the lists out there, and I’ve spent hours with The Mommy Experts to get real feedback on best practices and tips to make the checklist more actionable. My goal has been to create a list with a clear process to follow when figuring out what baby products you need.

With that, I introduce…

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Tyckled Tales is about sharing and making things easier for today’s new and expecting parents, so feel free to download and print this, take it with you to stores and share!