Mommy Spotlight: Karen Barski of Woombie

It’s been awhile since I last shared a Mommy Spotlight, and today, I’m featuring Tyckled Tales’ latest Mommy Spotlight with Karen Barski, founder of Woombie. Woombie is the original cocoon-like swaddle, recommended by doctors, nurses, doulas and countless moms and dads. Swaddling, which we’ve mentioned, is very instrumental during the 4th trimester (click here to read more).

Some parents, who struggle with traditional swaddlers, feel it may be too tiresome to keep having to rewrapp their babies, so the innovative Woombie has a zipper to zip up your baby snugly – keeping them comfortably warm and safe.

Woombie  has 18 different swaddles for parents to choose from, and they have other juvenile products, including their most recent release of a new educational toy for toddlers, called Time IN Dolls.

In this Mommy Spotlight, Karen shares her personal journey as a mother of FIVE and as the creator behind Woombie.


P.S. Be sure to check out the Woombie blog for a guest post by me on “Planning for Pregnancy and Using Your Baby Checklist.”

Can you tell us about the Woombie story?

Our little Bella came five weeks early. Due to her super startle reflex paired with mighty-mouse strength, she unraveled herself within 15 minutesALL NIGHT LONG. I found Bella time and time again with the swaddle blanket unwrapped and up over her face making her hot and red – very scary to say the least. We tried every swaddle we could find; even the ones with Velcro – nothing worked. I searched every store and website for a swaddle that would stay put, but found nothing. What frustration…. this affected everyone in our home and was both emotionally and physically draining. Clearly there was a need for a different solution. With my RN background, mom determination and okay sewing skills, one sleepless night, I took out my grandmother’s sewing machine and created the first Woombie.


I needed something that would stay intact and snug, but at the same time, allowed Bella to stretch if needed, where the fabric would then automatically re-conform to a snug cocoon-like peanut shape afterwards. I sewed and sewed until Bella was gently “contained.” This was a no “arms pinned to the side swaddle” – it was firm but just stretchy enough to allow Bella to move naturally imitating the comfort and security of the womb. Low and behold it worked! Bella loved it and started sleeping better right away.

What makes the Woombie so unique?

Most parents are taught about the comfort and benefits achieved from Swaddling, which has been practiced for hundreds of years. What we don’t know from the get-go is what a pain in the butt it can be. Wrapping baby. Rewrapping baby. Wrapping baby. Rewrapping baby… on and on and on it goes, all night long. What’s unique about the Woombie baby swaddle is that it requires no wrapping!  It’s the easiest and most effective way to swaddle your baby; just put baby in and zip up.

We have also added a two way zipper for quick and easy changing (clothes and diapers) along with eco-friendly cotton fabrics.

Where did the name come from?

My daughter, Morgan who was 12 at the time, thought of the name when we brainstormed as a family. We loved it and it just stuck!

For parents who are building their registries, how many Woombies do you suggest they get?

We recommend having at least two Woombies so when one is in the wash you have another one readily available since it’s used on a daily basis. Also, depending on where you live, you may also want to buy different Woombies for different seasons. The Woombie is designed to be snug but stretchy. Here is our sizing chart:




How do parents buy from Woombie?

Buying is simple. The Woombie is sold in over 2000 stores world-wide. You can find a store here or visit our website to shop online.

What makes you excited about what you’re doing?

Helping moms and babies worldwide! It brings satisfaction to know that we are helping families function better through achieving better sleep regimens. Sleep is really the key to a happy, healthy and balanced home.

What has been some of your favorite customer feedback since launching the company?

“We love your product and cannot live without it!”

Tell us about your little ones and what it was like for you in the early days planning for parenthood.

We never really planned. We take things one day at a time in the Barski household, learning something new each step of the way. I am not too much of a planner :0) Each day is a miracle and blessing, and we go to bed every day exhausted, but with a smile on our faces!

What were your essential baby products?


1) Boppy Pillow 2) Woombie 3) WubbaNub Pacifiers

What would be the top tips on being a mother you wish you knew then but know now?

Don’t rush things! It all goes by SO fast, and then you are regretful that you couldn’t wait for the next steps. Relish each day!

How was planning for parenthood as you had more children?

We already had a knowledge base after child one and two. Three, four and five were simple – just a busier, louder home.

On your website, it says you live life practicing The Secret. Can you elaborate on that some more and how it has influenced the way you have raised your family, built your businesses and developed your passions in life?

It is easy… I basically focus on all positive outcomes in all scenarios of my life – whether it is product development, acquiring new accounts, kids behaving and even in my marriage. If you focus on things with good intentions and a positive enthusiastic approach, you would be surprised how quickly things happen!



And to end today’s Mommy Spotlight, I leave you with Tyckled Tales’ parenting quote of the week in case you didn’t catch it on Facebook!


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