1. Lucy Ham

    Miyuk-kuk is my favorite! I cheat and add boxed beef broth from the store. Don’t tell my mother-in-law though, she taught me to make the dashi broth and the beef broth from scratch!

  2. Kelly Harper

    It is so interesting to read about different postpartum rituals. I am always looking to read and learn about them so I can incorporate them into my own work supporting families after their births. I’ll be making time to read your other posts on this topic.

  3. Keri Jenkins

    Hello, I have more of a question. My acupuncturist is Korean and he is suggesting that I invest in an herbal drink after having recently given birth. His English is quite broken and can’t fully explain to me why I should take this drink other than it will help me ‘improve my constitution’…. It’s incredibly expensive $300 for 4 gallons which are to be drank over the period of one month. Have you ever heard of this? and if so do you know what are the herbs and the benefits of such a regime?

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