1. carrie

    I wasn’t terrified before…but I am now. lol

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  4. Emily @ Peck Life

    This is such a great post with GOOD resources! All of the things people never go into great detail about on their blogs…i’m saving this for reference. :)

  5. Kate Wilkinson

    Wow, best post on recovery I’ve ever read. Wish I had read this the first time around. As I sit here waiting for baby #2 to arrive Im remembering the whole recovery process all over again. UGG! I have to say I second the witch hazel and Tucks pads. Those were part of my bathroom routine for 2 weeks.

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  7. Kristin Lodamire

    Thank you for this great post! Very helpful as I am in my third trimester now. Thank you!


  8. Lindsey

    This is an awesome article! I thought I totally had it in the bag when I had my first baby.. But many of my expectations were not met and I experienced so much more emotional up and down than I thought I would! This made me feel guilty at the time, but clearly I wasnt alone. I was driven crazy by people telling me my baby looked nothing like me… you work SO hard to bring this child into the world, and that’s all they have to say?! Now, I will always find a feature in the baby that reminds me of the mommy, just in case she is sensitive like I was :)

  9. Amanda

    What is the raw honey for?

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