1. Cate Jones

    Good advice, Sena! It will be of great help to pregnant moms-to-be to anticipate these things as possibilities. It brought back long ago memories of my own. A lot had been forgotten with time, but I DO remember being devastated when my mom left to go home. Just wanted her around, not so much to help me with Rodney, but to be there for ME. It was a very strange feeling and unexpected…..just needed my mom there. I didn’t feel unsure of mothering (ignorance is bliss) but felt emotional and needy. She was very low-key and didn’t tell me what to do or I would have been irritated with her. Also, it was a shock that after Rodney was born, I couldn’t even get my big toe in a huge sack of a dress bought to wear post birth, but I still looked pregnant. It took 8 long months to get rid of looking like a cow. Very unnerving. This site is such a good thing for the moms of this generation. Sena, you’re a GREAT mom, by the way!!

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  3. Whitney

    This posting really hit home… I wish someone would have sat me down before I gave birth to tell me about how I may feel afterwards… Pregnancy is tough have morning sickness and tiredness in the 1st trimester, feel great in 2nd trimester, then 3 rd trimester you start to slow down and things start to hurt and swell, but you expect at the end of it, you will have this beautiful baby, and then your life goes back to the way it was before, with the addition of a perfect child. Wrong!! Don’t get me wrong, I love my little girl (Hannah Grace) but going from hormones to the sky, to non-existent hormones in a matter of moments, can take a toll on a first time mom. You go from being tired and swollen, to even more tired, and now anxious, sad, fearful, and terrified. I am not an anxious person but after baby I was on edge and extremely anxious, on the verge of ripping my husbands head off any time Hannah wasn’t the perfect baby. I went from career woman to unstable “mom,wife, sister, and friend”.. I wanted to run away yet race home any time I had the chance to get away because I was afraid of something happening… I could go on and on, but I can say it gets better…. I am 6 weeks post delivery and I feel like I have turned some major corners… The anxiety still hits but not as bad, and the sleep does get better (or you just adjust to less sound sleep)… But what did really helped me was Tracy Hoggs EASY schedule… It gave me a sense of control and order in my life, both mentally and physically. I was learning what my baby needed and what I needed. It was a life saver!, thank you again for this posting…. Finally some women are opening up about the other side of delivery…

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